We are what we build and how we build; thus, the study of Construction History is now more than ever at the centre of current debates as to the shape of a sustainable future for humankind.

Under the main theme “History of Construction Cultures”, the 7ICCH – Seventh International Congress on Construction History will provide an opportunity to celebrate and expand our understanding of the ways in which everyday building activities have been perceived and experienced in different cultures, times and places. The event aims also to serve as a forum for researchers from all backgrounds to present the results of their work in the sphere of Construction History.

The 7ICCH is the first congress convened under the aegis of the IFCH – International Federation of Construction History, founded in July 2018 in Brussels. The first edition of the International Congress on Construction History took place in Madrid in 2003. Since then, it has been a regular event organized at three-year intervals: previous editions were held in Cambridge (2006), Cottbus (2009), Paris (2012), Chicago (2015) and Brussels (2018). Therefore, the 7ICCH Organizing Committee is very grateful to all the members of the Federation, composed of the presidents of the British, Francophone, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and USA Societies, and its co-opted member (Belgium).

The Congress is focused on the history of building construction and although the cross-over with other disciplines is strongly stimulated, the Congress will not accept papers that focus solely on the history of technology, architectural history, architectural theory or conservation and repair.

Best papers awards will be granted to Ph.D. researchers who present a paper as the first author at the 7ICCH congress started their Ph.D. in 2015-2020 and have not defended their doctorate in 2020.

We wish to express our immense gratitude to all members of the International Scientific Committee, who, despite the difficult context of the pandemic, worked intensively every time they were called on to give their rigorous evaluation of the different papers.

A special thanks are due for all the expertise and experience that was passed on by our colleagues who have been organizing this unique and world significant event since 2003, and in particular to our predecessors from all the Belgian universities who organized 6ICCH.

The 7ICCH Organizing Committee wishes to extend its sincerest thanks to authors and co-authors for their support, patience, and efforts. This congress would not exist but for the time, knowledge, and generosity they invested in the initiative.

Finally, we are grateful to all members of the Local Committee and to the institutions that have supported both the 7ICCH event and the publication of the proceedings.

We are looking forward to having you join us from 12 to 16 July!

On behalf of the 7ICCH Organizing Committee

João Mascarenhas-Mateus (Chairman)

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International Federation of Construction History annoucement (Brussels, 2018). LTR: James Campbell (UK), Bernard Espion (B); Christoph Rauhut (D), Antonio Becchi (D), Robert Carvais (FR), João Mascarenhas-Mateus (PT), Santiago Huerta (ES), Thomas Leslie (USA), Ine Wouters (B), Werner Lorenz (D).