The Conference registration fees for 7ICCH 2021 Lisbon were as follows:

* Authors and co-authors must pay their registration fees by 2 April 2021 to have their papers published in the Congress Proceedings. With the aim of ensuring maximum and equitable participation, we require that there be a minimum of 2 registrations for papers with 3 or 4 authors. For a paper with 1 or 2 authors, a minimum of 1 registration must be paid.

Regular and student fees for authors and co-authors of papers include: editing and publication of the paper in the 7ICCH Proceedings by CRC/Balkema (Taylor & Francis Group) to be sent to multiple indexing services; password-protected e-book PDF file of the 7ICCH Proceedings starting 12 July 2021; paper publication on in the Open Access version of the 7ICCH Proceedings by January 2022 and admission to all Congress sessions.

To qualify for a student registration fee, a valid student ID (student card or an official letter) must be scanned and sent to the conference organisers before 9 March 2021 using the following email address:

** Fees for participants who are not authors or co-authors of a paper include: admission to the congress sessions requested and access to the Proceedings e-book in PDF format starting 12 July 2021.



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